Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Poor Hand

The last few days has been quite difficult, as I'm not able to use my right hand. I'm right handed, which makes every daily task a challenge. I didn't break it, however, I must of sprained it Friday night. I went bowling with a couple friends, and somehow fucked up my thumb. I guess it's probably common to accidentally injure your hand while bowling, especially if it's something you only do once every couple of years. I had a hell of a time trying to get ready this morning... something as simple as holding a toothbrush, or trying to apply eyeliner was a complete nightmare.

I'm at work trying to type, use the mouse, and write, and my thumb is throbbing with pain. It's a sexy shade of purple and blue, and doubled in size compared to my left hand. Anyone else ever had this happen?


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  3. Yes, this has happened to me. And to a lesser degree it happens every time I go bowling! I had to stop bowling and haven't been for several years now. I guess maybe our best bet would be to only bowl granny style from here on out.

  4. Same sentiments here Kim! I am also usually in front of the computer typing on an uncomfy keyboard and mouse for the whole day. I used to think that I just had a sprain when I carried heavy grocery bags, but now, I already know the culprit. Recently, I bought myself a new keyboard and mouse and it has been better. It is a little pricier though, but it is worth it. Hope it helps! :)

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