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My Goals:
Start weight: 300lbs
1st goal weight: 250lbs
2nd goal weight: 225lbs
3rd goal weight: 200lbs: 2 Years Past
4th goal weight: 175lbs
5th goal weight: 150lbs
Final goal weight: 130lbs

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Mar. 8/11
1st day of liquid diet: Feb. 22/11, 275.5Lbs
Surgery: Mar. 8/11, 264Lbs
2 year anniversary: Mar 2013 195Lbs = 105Lbs lost

Obesity Health Profile

My New Rules:
* 30min of exercise a day
* Weigh all food and only 1 serv.
* Only eat whole grains (say NO to bread)
* No butter/margarine
* Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
* No sugar
* Take a multi vitamin, Iron, Calcium, B12

*** Eat to live... not live to eat***