PR Friendly


Reach my readers every week by featuring your company on "A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass". Your advertisement button will be visible on the top, sidebar or any other location that you select. Not interested in adding a button or banner? That's okay, you can select to have a sponsored post with a link to your site.

A standard post with a link to your site, one that you provide is $30. If you would like me to write a new blog post and include a link, it would be $50 – that's for companies who don't provide any products. Sponsored post is estimated at 400 words... if you require a longer post, request a quote.

Product Reviews and Giveaways

These are a great way to gain the exposure and traffic you're after. Create lots of buzz through social media by offering a review and giveaway together. My readers will browse your site, like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your blog and or newsletter to be entered and for extra entries. There's a minimum of $10 retail value on products to be reviewed. I will use it for a period of at least 30 days and then write a thorough review. If there is any negative feedback I will run it by you first in private.

Company Overview Only – Review Only

A great way to let my readers know about your company and what it has to offer without having to wait for me to review your product, however these do not generate nearly as much press as a giveaway. These overviews can be posted on "A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass" within 72 hours or less. If this interests you please specify that you want it posted right away (ASAP posts there will be a charge – willing to negotiate on price).

Giveaway Only

Want me to do a giveaway without having me review your product. Interested in having your company featured but don't want to wait the time for your post to go live. Flat rate of $25 retail value for product to be given, along with $30 for linking to your site.


New full sized physical products are required for a full sized review. I will not review samples because they do not allow for an adequate review. Reviewed products will not be returned and should have a minimal retail value of $10. Your review/giveaway will be posted approximately 1-3 weeks of receipt of your product, unless specified otherwise. Some special giveaway events may take longer: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, etc.

"A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass" will not cover shipping fees, duty fees, or brokerage fees associated with product reviews, and/or giveaways. Any packages that are sent COD will be returned to sender. The company will be required to pay for any shipping, duty, or brokerage fees incurred prior to the review being posted.

*** For giveaways, the company will ship the prize directly to the winner. I will hold the giveaway and give the winner's information to the company. Giveaway products should have a minimal retail value of $10. Fees for a giveaway without review and/ or advertising will need to be sent and cleared through PayPal before the giveaway will be posted.



1 month                                      $5
3 months                                    $10
6 months                                    $15
1 year                                         $25
Lifetime                                     $100

Text Links

1 month                                      $3
6 months                                     $15
1 year                                          $25
Lifetime                                      $100
Lifetime links page                     $25

Pre-written sponsored post         $30
Sponsored post that I write         $50 and up