Sunday, 26 October 2014

Things are in the Shit-er!

Hey everyone... once again I've been hiding! Not really... I've been working hard with lots of overtime at work. So much has changed in the last while, that I have no idea where to begin. I guess for starters I should say, that I'm once again without work.

Why do I seem to attract psychotic people in my life?! When I say that, I meant my ex boss/owner. I worked for the company for about nine months, and worked my ass off. I worked overtime like there was no tomorrow, and had received two raises. I went from $16.50 to $24 within a month of excellent service, to $30 an hour to bringing the company out from the shit-hole it was in. Just this passed week I noticed I was back down to my starting rate.

My boss told me that since he hired 2 additional people, they were cutting my pay. Umm... I don't know anywhere in Canada that this is acceptable?! It's not... and the board of labor will be hearing from me soon. But on top of that, I've had to put up with way too much shit/stress/abuse from the owner, that I'm amazed he's still in business. I am determined to make sure that he doesn't do this to anyone else in the future.

Monday, 6 October 2014

The latest products for current sex trends

If you are someone that frequently buys bondage accessories and apparel, there are some great websites where you can shop collars, cuffs, whips, and belts for your fantasy role play, that won't involve a brick-and-mortar type of store situation. This can lead to an expanded sense of comfort and confidence when browsing and buying particular items.

There are some great new products being offered via the internet, too. Some of these items include the following:
- studded collars
- Leather cuffs
- Braided whips
- High-quality leashes

These items promise longevity and quality, so you will never have concerns regarding the lifespan of your bondage accessories, despite the wear and tear wreaked upon these devices. This also allows you a degree of autonomy and customization potential when looking for distinctive items or unconventional sizes.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Can silk pillowcases save your skin (and hair)?

Ok, now that we have established that I am not high maintenance – just extremely practical – let me explain why I need to sleep on silk pillowcases. It’s not because of the luscious, cool, glam, makes-me-feel-like-a-queen factor but because the skin needs silk. Why?

Silk & Skin

Silk is the nearest thing to human skin. It contains 18 of the essential proteins that are found in our skin and even has the same pH, making it a potent ally against premature ageing.

The creamy fabric contains natural cellular albumen fiber, which helps boost cellular regeneration – again protecting skin against ageing and dullness.

Unlike cotton (which is very absorbent), silk does not soak up the natural moisture from our skin. The result? Better hydration, improved skin elasticity and lesser wrinkles. Similarly, it doesn't absorb the beauty creams and serums that we put on at night, allowing them to stay on longer and work more efficiently.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Beauty recipe: A super-easy DIY treatment for smooth and glow-y feet

It’s the last leg of strappy sandal season, so why not make your feet feel a whole lot happier – and more glow-y – right about now? It’s super-easy with this great DIY treatment that’s much favored by celebrity pedicurists!

It’s simple enough: Puree together 2 cucumbers, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 2 tablespoons olive oil in a blender. Divide this mixture into 2 plastic bags; slide one leg into each bag and massage the cucumber mask all over the foot. Leave your feet in the bags for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Why does this work to make feet all soft and smooth? The lemon helps exfoliate dry and dead skin; the olive oil deep moisturizes; and the cucumber is super-refreshing. I want to go try this right now, don’t you?