Sunday, 27 July 2014

Staff Uniforms Make an Impression

Restaurants are not just all about appealing to people’s appetites. Somewhere within the whole equation, the atmosphere that a restaurant generates emerges as an important factor. How a restaurant creates ambiance with its table settings and decor are one thing, but it really creates something different with the look of its staff, waiters and servers alike.

Seeing a restaurant’s staff in staff uniforms gives customers a sense of confidence. Restaurant employees who work in such a service and hospitality industry work directly with customers while they continuously deliver hot meals to tables and try to keep open tables clean and clear for the next set of diners. By coming in such close contact with customers, these employees make a big difference in a restaurant’s image because they essentially make the first impression on customers with their appearance.

The failsafe DIY route to super-spotless legs (because it’s time for their summer debut!)

So summer is here and you've got those legs all super-smooth and ready to bare. But what about all the little nicks and spots and marks that have accumulated on your gams over years of mosquito warfare, shaving mishaps and ingrown hair battles? Wouldn’t you rather show off a pair of flawless pins? Yes? Start with these DIY recipes (alternate them on a twice-weekly basis), follow up with a few tricks of the makeup trade, and voila… your legs are all set for short skirts and swimsuit season!

Spotless legs step #1: The DIY coffee-mint scrub

Coffee’s caffeine content boosts circulation while drawing out impurities and excessive liquids to firm up the skin; brown sugar is an excellent deep cleanser and exfoliator that lifts away dead and dry skin to reveal a fresh glow; peppermint oil boosts circulation and adds radiance to dull and ashy skin; and grape seed oil is a potent antioxidant and astringent, which makes it good at toning and tightening the skin, while refining the pores.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Some Old Memory Fun

I've been going through some old photos the last little while, and I came across some cute ones of my grandmother. Looking at the wide range of pictures scattered across my bed that I need to put in albums, it brings back so many fun, yet crazy memories. Memories of all the places that we have been, memories of places that we talked about going to, and quite a few pictures seem to have me laughing. One picture in particular that I came across on my Instragram account reminds me of one of her obsessions... anything lottery related. I'm sure she would love a casino bonus to visit a local casino for some exciting entertainment, and an all around good time. It's been years since we've gone together... she's now mostly into scratch cards, due to the fact that she doesn't drive.

Why Moroccan mint tea is your skin’s secret weapon!

It rarely gets hotter than summer in Morocco, where average temperatures cross the 40°C (104°F) mark with scorching regularity. Add in the dry, dusty desert winds and you have an oven of a country, where even the air conditioners struggle against the forces of nature. So how is it that you see people sitting and sipping HOT tea everywhere in Morocco, all through the day? Surely, no mere mortal could be that immune to the heat – even with some sizzling genetics thrown into the mix?

They are definitely not immune. It’s actually the tea itself that bolsters their body against the heat, packed as it is with lashings of mint. Mint, you see, is something of a wonder herb. Not only is it superb at cooling down the body (menthol, a chemical in mint, binds with our body’s cold-sensitive receptors to trick our brain into actually feeling a cold sensation) and raising its defenses against the heat, these green sprigs also act as a powerful antioxidant, soothe an upset stomach, relieve heartburn, boost mental performance, promote focus, loosen congestion, break up coughs, chase away bad breath, inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus, help with nasal allergies, cleanse the blood and clear up skin disorders (like acne). Whew!

Want to make your hair grow faster? It’s much easier than you think

Maybe you've had a bad haircut (me… actually not a bad haircut, just a really short bob that doesn't look half as good out of the salon). Or are craving sexy, face framing tresses. Or are prepping for a big occasion. Or channeling Blake Lively’s cool-girl spirals. Or maybe you just want a change. Whatever the reason, these easy-to-do-at-home beauty recipes will speed up the rate of hair growth so that you get the long and luscious locks of your dreams. Do them twice a week – I normally alternate all of them in turn. Which one will you try first?

Hair growth mask #1: Pass the mayo please. And the mustard.
Put 1 tablespoon mayonnaise (preferably freshly made), 1 tablespoon mustard and a dash of cayenne pepper in a small bowl; stir well till everything is blended. Rub the mixture all over your scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes, then was with your regular shampoo.