Friday, 28 December 2018

I Feel Liken Shit #holidayeating #newyearresolution

The holiday season was very good... spent lots of time with family and friends and had plenty of yummy food. What's the problem? I feel like shit now... my body is not happy with me after indulging on way too many things. I sit back and think of how far I've come since I had the gastric bypass surgery, and it's partially gone to hell. The last two days I haven't been well, and I think it's because of my poor choices the last couple weeks. Been having the dumping syndrome more often, and the fatigue is uncontrollable. I've come to the realization that I have to get back on track... to even be able to properly function.

Yesterday I woke up with pain, took Tylenol and slept half of the day. The same thing happened today... so I've got to get back on track. Forget about the new years resolution... it starts from today. No more crap... no junk food, no sugar, no carbs, no fast food... I'm done with it all. I'm tired of feeling the pain in my gut, and want to get back to being me.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Save Money With These Gift Exchange Ideas #savingmoney #giftguide

Remember the old days when magazines dominated the casual reading pleasure? Those big, thick, colorful catalogs showing brand new consumer products from your favorite giant department stores? Think Sears, Macy’s, FingerHut and others to take you back to those times. These days, however, with the explosion of the internet, you can simply search for the same things online - without bothering to wait for the absent magazines which, by the way, you will never see again as you did in the 90's and early 2000's.

Today, picking the gifts you want has been made ever easier by Amazon Gift Lists, various registries (non-wedding and wedding alike), and gift exchange websites that are outright dedicated to helping you choose. In the following, we try to recapture some of the new Christmas spirit, by focusing on wonderful gifts that speak more from the heart than they do from the wallet.

1. A Remembrance of Things Past
What does this mean, exactly? Well, in addition to being the title of a famous work of literature, this simply means you should catalog the wonderful time your family has together this Christmas. Things may not always be the same - in fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed they won’t, as children grow up and start their own families, etc - so a family journal is a great idea to preserve the memories. Spend a bit on a lovely, embroidered notebook for the collection of short, sweet thoughts from family members throughout the year. By the end of the year, you can all read them together by the fireplace.