Saturday, 2 May 2015

Baby Gift Registry Checklist - Some Must Haves For Your Baby!

I'm pregnant with my first child, and excited for the moment when I bring my little angel home. Since this is my first child, I'm slightly unsure of everything that I will end up needing. I'm due in a little over two months from now, so I decided to come up with a list of some possible items that I may need. Here's a list of some items that would be great to add to a baby gift registry... print it out so that you can easily check things off as you receive them. What you don't receive, you can eventually pick up prior to the little one coming home.


__ Bassinet
__ Crib and mattress
__ Crib bedding set
__ Fitted sheets, both cotton and flannel
__ Crib blankets
__ Dresser
__ Change table
__ Change pad and covers
__ Rocking chair or glider
__ Hamper
__ Mobile
__ Diaper pail
__ Accessories (lamps, rugs, etc.)

Friday, 24 April 2015

How to wear colored eyeliner without looking like a 12-year-old

If I had to pick just one beauty trend to wear this season, it would be the brightly hued eyeliners that are popping up everywhere. They look so pretty and flattering, while making makeup super-simple – just a flick of the pencil and you are ready to go! However, this is also one trend that seems to scare women the most because it’s easy for colored eyeliner to go the route of a 12-year-old playing with her mother’s makeup. So, how do you walk the thin line between cool and kiddish? Read on.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

My New Soft Feet and Cute Toes: ToiletTree Electric Callus Remover!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I have been fortunate to work with the company Toilettree on quite a few occasions in the past.  I was happy that I was contacted once again, with the summer months quickly approaching. What was the lucky item that I was able to review? Their lovely Electric Callus Remover... they must of known that my feet were looking hideous, and in need of some serious TLC! I've always been hard on my feet, and cheap when it comes to spending money going for regular pedicures at the spa/salon. I don't know about you, but I can't afford $20-$35 every few weeks to go for a pedicure. I'm also quite lazy when it comes to doing my own home pedicure... if it takes too much effort, I won't do it on a regular basis.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Think My Cat Just Lost Two of His Lives!

Spring has finally arrived here in Toronto, and I couldn't wait to get out to enjoy the pretty weather. Well, today I had the bright idea of putting a harness and leash on my furbaby Mr Jingles... my 17 Lb cat. At first it sounded like a good idea... go for a nice walk in the front yard of my building. Umm... not such a good idea! For starters, I should of been covered from head to toe prior to putting the harness on. Also, I should of trimmed his claws as well... wasn't exactly looking forward to having scratch marks up and down my arms and legs.

Since my partner was off today and I was enjoying my lunch break, I thought we should go for a walk... thinking that my cat suddenly was my little puppy. I think it took us about five minutes just to figure out how the harness is supposed to be worn... once we figured that out, now came the actual fun. Try wrestling with a 17 Lb cat, who was determined not to let me put the thing on him. I got the first portion done up, and was about to clip the second portion around his waist... when I got clawed to death and he made a run for it. He's normally lazy as shit and never runs... well I swear I never saw him run so fast in all these years that I've had him. Naturally I cried from laughter, and somewhat wet myself... one of the fun perks of being preggers!

So now Mr Jingles is hidden away as far back as he can in my bedroom closet... the poor baby looks traumatized from our little experiment, and I probably wont see him for the rest of the day now.