Sunday, 12 March 2017

Little Brie and I Love Our Mommy and Me Canvas! #inkdoodle

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Me and Brianna, © 2017

My little Munchkin is heading on two years old, and I can't believe how quick the time is flying. It feels like it was just yesterday that I brought her home from the hospital... not when she had surgery, but when she was born. I find myself constantly having my cellphone in my hand, trying to capture every moment, creating memories. You can't have too many photos while they're growing up, especially since the time just passes by. I'm trying to capture every milestone, and as a proud mom I can't help but share the pictures of her.

I have many photo albums, scrapbook photo albums, and frames with family photos scattered around my home. I also have a brand new photo canvas from the company InkDoodle, that I had made for my daughters room. It's a small sized canvas that's perfect for a child's room, so naturally I had to have it made with a picture of Brianna and her momma!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Time to Announce the #Winner for the 2 Pack e-cloths

Thank you to everyone who decided to join in the fun of entering the e-cloth giveaway. It's now time to announce the winner!

Update - I Was Hacked! #whyme #fml

Sorry for the delay in posting the winners for the giveaway, as well as not blogging for a bit. All my emails and blog were hacked, and it took a bit of time to get stuff sorted out. I even lost a few posts that I had previous published... hard work gone down the drain. I will try and get caught up, and start sharing shortly.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Tips for Teaching Your Toddler How to Share #toddler

Brianna, © 2017
Sharing is a foreign concept to most toddlers and preschoolers. Here's some ways to help your child understand what sharing is all about.

Your toddler's room is most likely overflowing with toys, yet when another child comes over, your daughter wants whatever toy that her friend reaches for. A mini war erupts, and soon the fun and laughter is replaced by tears and tantrums.

Does this sound familiar? I know it all too well... my daughter tried to take another little girls dolly away the other day when we were at the library for a playgroup. Well, rest assured, sharing is a concept that is beyond the grasp of most toddlers. Recognizing why you want your child to share should be considered. Don't insist your child to share because of the embarrassment you feel in front of other parents when your child doesn't share. Don't force the matter... getting angry at them shows children that sharing is just about getting yelled at. Instead, you could try one of the following:

Giveaway: Perfect Cleaning With Just Water #chemicalfreecleaning #ecloth #giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

The last few months have been insane at my place, as I finally moved to the condo that I bought. I lived at the old place for over ten years, so you can imagine the hidden mess and dirt lurking underneath and behind old furniture. I'm a fairly clean person, but there was a few pieces of furniture that was too difficult to move on my own to clean... which meant that it only got cleaned once a year for spring cleaning. I'm the type of person who likes to clean on a daily basis, or at least every other day, and have an addiction for lemon cleaners. The problem with everyday cleaners, is that they're filled with chemicals, and not exactly baby friendly. Since the move, I find myself cleaning half a dozen times a day... my toddler keeps me busy! Using harsh chemicals a few times a day isn't what I want for my family, which is why I recently discovered e-cloth. They're items that you clean with using only water, and are more ideal and safe for daily use.