Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Destruction of a Toddler! #toddlerbehavior #lifewithatoddler

Brianna, © 2017
Yesterday was quite an eventful day while I was at work. Not the working part, but the text messages that I was receiving from my mother. The little monkey is watched by her grandma and great-grandma while I work, which I know that she gets plenty of love when I'm not around. Mom sends me text messages throughout the day with some cute pics of them playing... it's what makes being at work more enjoyable. Well, yesterday Brianna decided to appear from nowhere and threw great-grandma's coffee all over the living room! The monkey thought it was hilarious with the reaction that she got... great-grandma freaking out about coffee all over the place. It's now become a game between the two of them... okay, just to Brianna, but it happens almost on a daily basis when they babysit. It doesn't happen to my mother, just grandma.

What really got me laughing out loud was the next set of texts that my mom sent... Brianna knocked over the big bucket of soapy water that great-grandma was using to clean up the coffee. So now there's a giant puddle in the living room, great-grandma having a meltdown, and Brianna laughing and jumping in the puddle of soggy rug! While great-grandma tries to cleanup, Brianna continues to destroy the living room... tossing her toys across the room on the floor! I laughed so much I nearly peed myself at work. Why on earth would she leave her coffee where the baby could grab it? Why leave the bucket of soapy water where she could get it? Brianna thought it was a game, and continues to go after anything that great-grandma leaves around the room.

What has your toddler destroyed at your home? Is it an ongoing issue, or just a one time thing?

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

11 reasons you should drink coffee every single day

Here are 11 science-backed reasons why a jolt of java is good for mind, body and soul. Have fun reading while I quickly pop a pod and see you on the other side.

Coffee makes you happy
And I don’t just mean this in terms of the caffeine high! Coffee literally makes you feel happier by stimulating the production of serotonin and dopamine, which make you brighter and perkier.

Coffee promotes mental sharpness
Well… d-uh… right? Coffee helps us perk up and face the mornings. And the mid-afternoon slump. And the late-at-night deadline. And everything in between. But it doesn’t stop there. Coffee actually sharpens the brain, making it work more efficiently. Result? Faster reflexes, enhanced attention span, increased focus, better memory and improved logical reasoning. But it doesn’t just end there. Research shows that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee daily also cuts the risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia by 65%.