Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My baby has a cast #brokenarm #littlemonkey

Brianna, © 2017
I'm so tired and stressed and happy that it's almost Friday. The last few weeks have been hell, and I was stressful before I got the call. I was at work and I answered the phone... my mother who I had no idea it was her, called to tell me that Brianna needs to go to the hospital. It was the first time that I felt like I couldn't breathe... and I was at work trying not to cry or lose my mind. Accidents can happen so quickly, and it did yesterday. The little monkey thought it would be fun to jump on the bed... well, she bounced right onto the hardwood flooring and hurt her arm. After being at the hospital for hours, they came to the conclusion that she's got a fractured elbow. My two year old received a cast, and was scheduled for two follow ups at the fracture clinic for the next couple weeks.

Last week we went to the fracture clinic, and they removed the first cast. They did a few things to see if she was able to use her arm yet, and they came to the conclusion that she needs a new cast for another two weeks. They didn't redo the x-rays, as they felt that they probably wouldn't show much anyways. So now my baby has a bright purple cast. She wasn't happy being there and hated being touched, up until the nurse started applying the pretty coloured fiberglass cast! Yes, she's now proud of the pretty coloured arm, and seems to be moving around quite well. We go back in a week to get the cast removed... praying that everything is all healed and good to go!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Helping your Toddler to Talk #toddlerhealth

Brianna, © 2017

Brianna turned 2 this past summer, and she's just starting to talk. She understand and responds to everything, but doesn't really talk much as of yet. She's been trying to sound out the words, but doesn't quite finish every word. The more that I talk to her, the more opportunities she has to learn to talk. All children are different and learn at different rates, just make sure to give plenty of opportunities to interact with them.

The more fun you have with your toddler when learning words, the more likely she is to use them. There's plenty of ways you can help your little one with learning to talk...

  • Talk as much and often as you can. Watch her face, make eye contact and look interested in whatever she's trying to say to you.
  • Focus on what she's trying to say, instead of the clarity of what she's saying. It will take a bit of time for her to properly pronounce words. Try and make sure that she feels confident when talking to you.