Sunday, 28 June 2015

Heat got you down? Make a keep-your-cool face mist

As a kid, all I wanted to do on hot summer days was run through every sprinkler in the neighborhood. Thankfully for my current day self, there does exist a grown-up version of those cooling, refreshing blasts of goodness – called face mists, they allow you to spritz your overheated skin without getting chased off a stranger’s lawn!

Added bonus: these face mists also help tone your skin, wards off excess oil, hydrate a sun scorched complexion, soothe irritation and restore skin’s pH balance. And they help refresh your mind and soul with a hefty dose of fragrant aromatherapy. So, if you have issues with acne-prone or dehydrated skin, or if you just get extra-toasty in the summer heat, this may be your ticket to relief!

Yes, you can pick up one of the branded face mists off the shelf. But if you want something sans all that drying alcohol and other additives, try one of these DIY versions, which are ridiculously simple to whip up!

Aloe face mist for dry, sensitive or sun damaged skin.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

I'm In Heaven Because of My SantaMedical Kneading Massager #KneadingMassagerCushion

With me being in my third trimester at 35 weeks pregnant, being able to review a massage product couldn't have come at a better time. I was doing pretty good up until a few weeks back, but now I've had to slow down. The pregnancy aches and pains have taken over my body, which leaves me exhausted almost instantly after any task. I'm so blessed to get an opportunity to review the Kneading Massager by SantaMedical, it basically helped prevent me from having the crippling back pain.

The item arrived yesterday, and without any wait I had to test it out. At this moment I don't have health coverage for getting a professional massage, so this item comes at the perfect time. The original box was a decent size, not to big or small... perfect size for storage in the linen closet. When opened, the contents were snugly wrapped and held in place. Once I removed everything from the box, I was surprised and excited to find that there was an extra cord for the cigarette holder. Yes... thanks to the extra cord for the cigarette lighter, this little massager can easily be kept in your vehicle, which would be perfect for traveling or anyone who has back pain. It also has a convenient thick elastic strap on the back of the massage pillow, so it can easily be held in place on the car seat head rest.

Monday, 15 June 2015

How to Start a Home Day Care in Ontario, Canada

I was recently laid off from my job, in which I was quite upset. With me being in the third trimester of my pregnancy, it pretty much screwed me for looking for another job... plus I didn't get enough hours in to qualify for maternity leave. What I had in the back of my head prior to this, was to become a stay at home mother and start a small home daycare... now with the circumstances, it's my best option.

The home daycare is an option that's well suited for a mother who wants to be at home with her kids while they are young, but still earn money to support the family. In Ontario, Canada, a home daycare is allowed to have five children younger than 10, plus their own children. These homes don't have to be registered or licensed. However, registering with an agency can help aid in finding clients.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Yes, you can make your hair grow faster – with this India-inspired hair treatment

Indian women are known for their thick, dark and glossy locks. And a whole community insists they do it through this three-oil blend, which is easily made at home anywhere in the world. Why does it work? The eucalyptus and clove oils boost blood circulation to nourish hair right at its root and prevent hair loss.

Coconut oil, in the meantime, actually penetrates the hair shaft because it’s so similar to our tresses’ natural lipids. Once inside the hair, it serves as a “re-fatting agent”, replacing the natural oils that have been lost due to washing, heat damage and environmental toxicities. This strengthens the hair, adds volume and prevents breakage. It’s also loaded with lauric acid and capric acid, which have a microbial action, thereby guarding against hair loss. PLUS, it contains Vitamin E, which keeps the scalp healthy; fatty acids that keep dandruff at bay; and a high moisture retaining capacity, which keep strands soft and hydrated.

Convinced yet?

Feeling Exhausted

I've been feeling pretty rough the last few days, and super exhausted. I just finished doing laundry, and I'm completely wiped out. I'm in my 33rd week of my pregnancy, and I find that I have a hard time sleeping at night, but get the best sleep first thing in the morning. I also find that I always seem to need a nap in the middle of the afternoon, or I will seem like a zombie.

This time next week I will be at my cousins place... she's having a baby shower for me! Yippee! I've never been to one, and this will be my first since this is my first child. I'm excited, but scared that not that many people will show up. I'm limited when it comes to friends... I don't have that many female friends, which means it will probably be mostly family. It will be fun regardless of who shows up, and hopefully will see some family members that I haven't seen in a while.

I was planning on writing more, but I'm just too tired to stay awake... feeling like a zombie writing this! I will write more later... until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!