Saturday, 18 February 2017

Weaning Your Baby or Toddler #toddlerbehavior #weaningbaby

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What does it mean when you say you've weaned your child?

The proper definition would be that it's when your child stops nursing and gets all her nutrition from sources other than the breast.Although children are also weaned from the bottle, the term most often refers to when a child stops breastfeeding.

I'm currently in the process of weaning my toddler, and I must tell you that so far it's a crazy battle. It requires a lot of patience and obviously can take time. It all depends on your child's age and how well and how quickly she adjusts. The experience would be different for everyone.

Weaning is very emotional, and at times painful, but can be freeing at the same time. Weaning doesn't mean that it's the end to the intimacy, that you as a mother have established through breastfeeding. It just means that you have to replace it with other nourishment and nurturing activities. If you nurse your child for comfort, find other ways to make her feel better. Try reading a book, singing a song together, or have fun playing outside.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Rollercoaster of Emotions #frustration #stressed

I'm so incredibly stressed right now, that I have to just write to get it all out. Yes, this is a post that is pretty much me venting out my frustration, but it's my way of trying to deal with it... a form of therapy in a way. Where have I been hiding? I've been a stay at home mom during the week, and almost work full time hours in three days over the weekends. I've been looking for a second job, and finally landed one that I can do during the week from home. I will be working inbound customer service for a heating and air conditioning company, which I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Why am I stressed? My partner currently isn't working. It's been over two months now, and the bills are starting to add up. He started a job this passed Monday, and quit because he found out it was minimum wage. I'm sorry, but $11.40/hour is better than $0! I come home from working 12 hour shifts, and find him in his pj's playing video games or watching YouTube. He came home with a shit load of groceries, filled with items that he paid way too much for... you don't spend $15 for a box of chicken wings when you're limited to money. Instead of buying wings, he should of bought a package of diapers for his daughter. With him being home all the time, he's using the hydro like crazy... our hydro bill was $109 for last month, when plenty of other people pay that for three months. Here I'm trying to budget, cutting coupons, myself going without so that we can make ends meet, and he's wasting money like there's no tomorrow.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Tips for Teaching Your Toddler How to Share #toddler

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Sharing is a foreign concept to most toddlers and preschoolers. Here's some ways to help your child understand what sharing is all about.

Your toddler's room is most likely overflowing with toys, yet when another child comes over, your daughter wants whatever toy that her friend reaches for. A mini war erupts, and soon the fun and laughter is replaced by tears and tantrums.

Does this sound familiar? I know it all too well... my daughter tried to take another little girls dolly away the other day when we were at the library for a playgroup. Well, rest assured, sharing is a concept that is beyond the grasp of most toddlers. Recognizing why you want your child to share should be considered. Don't insist your child to share because of the embarrassment you feel in front of other parents when your child doesn't share. Don't force the matter... getting angry at them shows children that sharing is just about getting yelled at. Instead, you could try one of the following:

Giveaway: Perfect Cleaning With Just Water #chemicalfreecleaning #ecloth #giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

The last few months have been insane at my place, as I finally moved to the condo that I bought. I lived at the old place for over ten years, so you can imagine the hidden mess and dirt lurking underneath and behind old furniture. I'm a fairly clean person, but there was a few pieces of furniture that was too difficult to move on my own to clean... which meant that it only got cleaned once a year for spring cleaning. I'm the type of person who likes to clean on a daily basis, or at least every other day, and have an addiction for lemon cleaners. The problem with everyday cleaners, is that they're filled with chemicals, and not exactly baby friendly. Since the move, I find myself cleaning half a dozen times a day... my toddler keeps me busy! Using harsh chemicals a few times a day isn't what I want for my family, which is why I recently discovered e-cloth. They're items that you clean with using only water, and are more ideal and safe for daily use.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Why you should NEVER put pure lemon juice on your face. NEVER.

The internet is chock-a-block with beauty writers advising you to put lemon juice on your face. Why? The fruit’s high levels of vitamin C, citric acids and antioxidants are perfect for busting dead skin cells, lightening age spots, getting rid of unwanted freckles and clearing up a tan, among other things.

The evidence? Most beauty mavens will ask you to observe how a dash of lemon juice on apple slices prevent them from turning brown. The brown colour in cut apples is from oxidation (much like skin that’s exposed to atmospheric pollutants) and the vitamin C in lemon juice is what halts the process. Similarly, it seems, pure lemon juice on skin should slow down premature ageing and help stimulate collagen and elastin production, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and reversing sun damage.

And because vitamin C is extremely unstable – easily broken down by exposure to air and sunlight – what better way than to have it than squeezed fresh?